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At Zolipe we help the customer reach their goals on the Internet. This means that the concept, solution design, ease of use and solution are tailored to their goals.

Customer Appreciations

It is outstanding experience working with Zolipe for their ability to quickly respond as business demands, take proactive steps before we ask and deliver the projects within the cost & budget we set for.  They bring higher agility and humble approach to business that we can recommend them to others.

Rajesh M R
CEO (www.sourceedge.com)

We are impressed by the quality of website design that you are offering to us and other clients. We realize the importance of website to all customers on the essence of techno economics of the website.

Madhav Kamat
Managing Director (www.eaplindia.com)

With the bright and right earnest execution of concepts and customer’s goals; the two pioneers in digital space Mr. HSR & Mr Karthik are able to see Zolipe establish its mark in the global world. As a customer both @STEER and @Free Wheeling Ink; we got their focused attention at all times. The working experience was highly satisfactory and contributed to our business growth.I wish them ever lasting success and fame.

K. S. Ramsubramanian
Executive Director and Mentor, STEER (www.steerworld.com)