Advanced DNA Training and Nutrition


There is no portal which offers end to end training and Nutrition to build better human, its completely research oriented, best practices adopted in terms of diet & fitness and proven training methods to become better human in less time. There was a challenge to make payment online and get signed up for such standard and custom programs designed for particular ACE GENE.


At Zolipe we built platform which allows to client to provide customized Method Program through online Method Portal which can be accessed anywhere. The portal provides facility to make one time payment of $149 which includes ACE gene test kit and access to customized Method Program that includes 8 week genetic training plan and an 8 week meal plan.


By knowing ACE gene information customer will get to know genotype characteristics that identify how your
body responds to fitness and nutrition. Also they know which style of fitness body is genetically programmed for. ACE gene expression tells customers which nutrients they need more for body to thrive. Due to this unique solution client has great increase in his ROI and due to his proven quality service was able to build pool of quality customer in less time.