Ethical Healthcare is a Holding company for multiple Healthcare related businesses globally. The Ethos of the company is to deliver Healthcare Ethically in a very money oriented medical business environment.

Ethical is the majority shareholder of Medicus Locums Limited which runs a Medical Recruitment Company. Medicus is predominantly running recruitment business in the UK but is also starting up in India. The company ethos is to pay doctors as much money as possible while keeping the charges to the NHS as less as possible. It is competing a lot companies whose practices are very questionable in any circumstances.

Ethical Healthcare in a minor shareholder in Chiguru Cancer Care Trust based in Bangalore. A very research and charity oriented work related to Cancer care being delivered in Bangalore where commercialization of Cancer care has made it unaffordable to the Middle class, is something which Ethical Healthcare is very proud of.

Ethical Healthcare is setting up private practice networks in the UK and India. It is funding running of specialist training courses in India which otherwise would be very difficult to organize. Ethical Healthcare also funds various online training websites like picuonline and medicuscourses.